Alternative Funding Strategy: Trans Siberia, 2005-6

To raise money so I could attend the Trans Siberian conference I was invited to join in 2005, I sold photos I had not yet taken via I pledged to take two photo a day - one at 10am, the other at 4pm for the 10 day duration of the journey with my analogue camera. When I returned to the UK I sent single-edition, signed, rubber-stamped prints to the buyers along with a contact sheet and list of titles.

The series has since been turned into a limited edition set of 21 postcards, one copy of which is in the Franklin Furnace / MoMA Artist Book collection and has been included in an exhibition of 46 Artist Books currently on show in the library at Pratt, Brooklyn, and also online.

250605AM (570GBP) 07:45
110905AM (50GBP, London N7)
Hotel Rossia, Room 7292 10:20
110905PM (20GBP, Coggeshall, Essex)
View from Conference Room 16:20
120905AM (15GBP, Battersea, London)
Hotel Rossia, View from Room 6043
120905PM (15GBP, Coggeshall, Essex)
Moscow Train Station 16:00
130905AM (50GBP), East Sheen, London)
View from Train at Balesino 09:15
130905PM - (50GBP, Norton sub Handen)
Between Perm & Swerdlowsk Pass 16H
140905AM (15GBP, Coggeshall, Essex)
Between Tatarskaja & Barabinsk 1030
140905PM (50GBP, Beccles, Suffolk)
Roundabout in Novosibirsk, 16:30
150905AM (45GBP, Ipsden, Oxon)
Akademegorokok 10:30
150905PM (50GBP, Norton sub Handen)
Novosibirsk (Lenin) 16:00
160905AM (15GBP, New York, USA)
Near Krasnojarsk Pass (Factory)
160905PM (15GBP, New York USA)
Carriage, 9, Conductor's Cabin 1630
170905AM (40GBP, Newport, Wales)
Near Lake Baikal 09:00
170905PM (40GBP, London W10)
Untitled (Factory) 16:00
180905AM (15GBP, Colchester, Essex)
2 hours from Ulaan Baatar 10:00
180905PM (15GBP, Leckhampton, Glos)
Sajin-Sanda, Mongolia, 16:00
190905AM (0GBP, London N1)
First glimpse of China 10:00
190905PM (17GBP, Coggeshall, Essex)
To Hotel from Beijing Train Station, 16:00
200905AM (26GBP, Los Angeles, USA)
Unisplendour Hotel, from Room 701
200905PM (27GBP, New York, USA)
Tsinghua University & Bike 17:00
Postcards of this series