Live collaborative writing session on Thursday 16th December at 19:30 and 21:30 CST and open to write into until Saturday 18th December, coinciding with a physical installation.

Writing the Rooms was a collaborative writing session I lead as part of the Down Dwars DelĂ  residency I took part in at Bidston Observatory near Liverpool in August. The idea for this writing together emerged during the course of the week, during which we imagined various hi/stories of the building and its uses over time - namely as a (massive) tool of measurement and observation. Built in 1866, the Observatory facilitated humans and machines to collaborate in meticulous analyses of time, latitude, the stars, and meteorological, tidal and marine data - much of which was used for [extractivist and colonial] methods of 'knowing' the world. We wrote [in] three rooms: The Weather Station at the top of the building; the Dorm Room and the Sub Basement (pictured above.)

From 16th-18th December, an unfolding of ideas generated during this week is being presented at See U in Brussels - and includes a presentation of extracts of these textual encounters in print form, as well as the opportunity to re-write these rooms. There is also an invitation to write new ones together - from See U and from wherever everybody physically finds themselves at this time.

Access and contribute to this writing the rooms heree.

Grateful to all at Constant for the week at Bidston, as well as for the chance to present this project in Brussels.

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See quarterly newsletter sent 15th December 2021.