A day long not conference assembled with Clareese Hill with support from Mountain of Art Research Goldsmiths and CHASE Doctoral Training Programme. Taking place via Zoom the day featured presentations/workshops/performances from Dr Alexis Pauline Gumbs; Julia Bell; Melissandre Varin; Morag Colquhoun; Beck Haberstroh; Patricia RAIN Gianneschi; Sonja Blum; Marta Di Francesco; Chloe Turner; Bridget Kennedy; Ariel René Jackson; Kate Pickering; Rowena Harris; Niya B:; Cassie Thornton; Lee Triming; Inbal Strauss; Jacek Smolicki; Andrés León; Kelechi Agwuncha and Galina Shevchenko. Click HERE for more info.

Occupying the in between - screen shot

Occupying the In-Between was a daylong disruption of the framework of an academic research conference. The In-Between is the suggestion of a space that acts as the convergence of praxis and survival for creating collaborative restorative moments. [...] The worlding and context of this space is directly related to the possibility of experiencing a sense of purposeful unraveling of the self in the now moments and the moments that follow. This conference considers these spaces as collaborative, unauthored, innovative, restorative, and unprescribed. The discourse is centered around the topics of the labor that is required to occupy exhaustive identities and roles, alongside thinking about the tools and methods that can be used to create spaces of rest, and how disruptions can be healing. This space is an interstitial space, a loophole of retreat in the spirit of Harriet Jacobson and Simone Leigh. [...]

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