Is My Body Out of Date? The Drag of Physicality in the Digital Age is a(n ongoing) performance lecture series. Performed live by (my drag alter ego) #Sergina with desktop exposure enabled, this 15-20 minute screen(ed) demo incorporates footage of previous episodes and solicits re/action from its viewers via QR disseminated questionnaires, collective reading, and choreography. Propositions of drag, gender, privacy and sex(uality) are presented within the oscillating ostentatious context of digital/physical matter/ing. Gestures are backed up by citations from theorists (alive & dead), pop songs (ditto) and advertisements, - as well as #Sergina’s own song texts. Participants should answer the agent when spoken to. A backup buddy may be enlisted.

IS MY BODY OUT OF DATE? - Episode 1 at Transmediale 2018

Presented by Elly Clarke (in Berlin) and Vladimir Bjelicic (in Belgrade) as part of the Hard Feelings Panel at Transmediale 2018, with convivial studio, Emile Devereaux, Helen Pritchard, Eric Snodgrass and Magda Tyzlik-Carver at Transmediale, 2018.

The lecture was screenshared to the audience, and recorded:

See it in context with the other talks here:

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