Hand printed C-Prints from 35mm negatives from .png screengrabs taken during Skype calls, 2008-14.

Conversational Traces

Since 2008 I have taken a picture during almost every conversation I had, via Skype, which I first stated using when I moved to Berlin from London.

I see this series as a group portrait of the people I love, as well as of those I work with through my art & curatorial projects. But it is also a form of self portraiture. Of me (and my haircuts, my moods, my inboxes, battery levels & the other elements that are visible) but also of my network, which, increasingly, is understood to define us more than almost anything else.

I have shown this series a number of times, but last year, during a residency at The Banff Centre, I developed this project into a series of C type hand prints, from negative, printing them to a size of 24"x30".

See albums of previous incarnations of this work HERE (as assembled in 2011), HERE (for NYC) and HERE for studio shots of my most recent prints made in Banff during the Distributed Intimacies residency.