To fund a trip I made to India in January/February 2008 to research a film project that I never made in the end, I sold 'Unique Elly Clarke Mobile Phone Photo not yet taken in India, Jan-Feb 2008' via For one month I pledged to take one photo a day with my Sony Ericcsson mobile phone at the time the buyer requested (by sms) and to send them a single edition signed print in the post.

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150108 13:02, Belur, Karnataka
View from window of man who owns land upon which parking lot will be built
160108, 17:35, Bangalore
Construction on the outskirts of Bangalore after three days in Belur
170108, 17:10, Yelahanka, Bangalore
Back at Heritage
180108, 17:01, Indrinagar, Bangalore
Lying down at Lakshmi's
190108, 14:35, Bangalore
Bicycle off MG Road
200108, 20:05, Bangalore bus station
Luxury AC – Bangalore to Madurai
210108, 12:29, Ponmeri, Madurai
Pink curtains at Berlin's house
220108, 18:26, Hotel Sangam, Madurai
Meet, Eat and Go - Madurai South Rotary Club
230108, 07:58, Ponmeri, Madurai
Contemplating the day
240108, 11:42, Chokikulam, Madurai
Kolum outside sex workers project office before meeting
250108, 16:54, Ponmeri, Madurai
Supervalue Store
260108, 17:22, 2 hours from Madurai
PRP Granite Mine on way to wedding
270108, 22:25, Ponmeri, Madurai
House Warming
280108, 10:43, Ponmeri, Madurai
Shereen’s Delicious Lunch
290108, 18:36, Ellis Nagar, Madurai
New road bridge opposite house where I stayed in 1994 which is now the Russ Foundation office
300108, 15:03, The Hindu Newspaper
My Sustainer. Birthday announcement of politician who allegedly murdered quite a few people
310108, 16:23, Chatirapatti
Gender Divide
010208, 18:29, Madurai
Ganesh in shop where I had Scottish landscape photo I gave the family framed
020208, 17:58, Ponmeri, Madurai
View from Plot 72
030208, 15:25, Chatirapatti
Smiley Face (Kitchen at Russ)
040208, 18:38, Sri Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
Elephant. It is good luck.
050208, 12:47, Quillom - Ernakalum
Someone Nibbled my Muruku
060208, 15:41, Cherai Beach, Cochin
Fixing the Ambassador
070208, 15:26. Fort Cochin, Kerala
Feeling Delicate in the Shared Plush Sitting Room of Chiramel Residency
080208, 16:27, Mattancherry Cochin, Kerala
Champs Elvis
090208, 17:35, Fort Cochin, Kerala
100208, 07:05, Ernakalum - Bangalore
3AC Upper (2 hours to Bangalore)
110208, 11:25, Yelahanka, Bangalore
Srishti Basement: Sculpture
120208, 16:38, Bangalore
Sound Horn. On the way home from Folklore museum on Mysore Road, which was closed
130208, 21:33, Club Zero G, Residency Road, Bangalore
Roses, Fosters & Bangalore Skyline
140208, 13:33, Bangalore
Fish Tank at Koshy’s
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