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Art Research Installation: Elly Clarke and Kate Mahony: You don’t need any objects ever.
2nd May 2023

In Room 03 at 43 Lewisham way.

And Live Streamed via Instagram: @digitalb0dy and @kate_mahony

Doors and Prop Inspection: from 2pm.

Open Conversation: 2.30pm

Interruptible Conversation: 3.30pm

Elly Clarke and Kate Mahony have ended up in this assessment situation and room together. Propped Up and dragged down by props from their current and former respective art slash life situations, they will hold an interruptible conversation for 45 minutes. Followed by a discussion about the interruptible conversation that we hope you will join in with. The interruptible conversation will be livestreamed on Instagram.

Elly Clarke has lots of props. She has been working for #Sergina on and off for more than a decade - doing her promotion and sometimes her performances. As an agent of #Sergina Clarke has delivered Dirty Data in Brighton and New Cross. Before working for #Sergina, Clarke gained work experience in a call centre in Berlin, focussing on market research about domestic boilers. As a teenager Clarke briefly worked for a lesbian owned horse stud in Ireland. Clarke is looking forward to getting her PDF about the drag of data in the context of propagation and call centres.

Kate Mahony works in front of people. Her practice has come out of framing performance within a ‘gig’ economy that is an artistically unrestricted and often unpaid platform. By catering to the ‘gig’ at hand, Mahony’s performances are quick, cheap and site responsive. Kate is looking at disordering strategies in performance and video and is asking how to consolidate her practice into collaborative workshops.

You don't need any objects, ever