_ _ QUEER ENCOUNTERS IN KINGS CROSS _ _ runs until Sunday 29th July 2018 in the foyer at Everyman Cinema Kings Cross, Handyside Street. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

Jane Moloney in Kings Cross
Jane Moloney on the rooftop of The Driver, January 2018. Photo: Elly Clarke

QUEEER ENCOUNTERS - A QUEER HISTORY OF KINGS CROSS opens at The Everyman cinema Kings Cross on 26th June and runs until 27th July. It features traces of encounters I have had with more than 12 individuals in or as close to the sites their memories refer to, over the last 8 months. More info HERE.


FRIDAY 25TH MA: #Sergina presents: BACKUP BUDDY at Fail Better, Birmingham, 18:30. Facebook Invite

_ _ PRINTS FOR SALE _ _ from my 2006-7 Moscow to Beijing project. All are editions of 5, hand printed from negative by me in 2007 during a residency at The Banff Centre. Please contact me if you are interested in buying one. All measure 30"x40". They are in Berlin but can be shipped. Click on the image for more info. Download a catalogue from one of the many exhibitions these prints and this project have been in HERE.

Print Sale! March 2018

_ _ PREVIOUS NEWSLETTER _ _ sent out 29th Jan 2018 is HERE.

THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME TO MY & VLADIMIR BJELICIC'S LECTURE PERFORMANCE at TRANSMEDIALE last weekend, as part of the Hard Feelings Panel with convivial studio, Emile Devereaux, Helen Pritchard, Eric Snodgrass and Magda Ty?lik-Carver. The 15 min performance 'Is My Body Out of Date?' was screenrecorded - SEE BELOW

QUEER ENCOUNTERS KINGS CROSS - showing 26th June-25th July at Everyman Cinema Kings Cross.

Queer Encounters in Kings Cross


On the night of 9th November #Sergina made a live cyber appearance at the opening of Amanda Turner Pohan's exhibition Linqox Criss on the River Ilissus at SOHO20 Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn beamed in from her temporary abode in Tottenham, North London #PhoneMeDontWrite #TalkToMeDontText #ComeAndSeeMeDontChat #KissMeDontSkype #TouchMySkinItsReal #SmellMeImAlive #TasteMeimDelicious

More info HERE.

Instantaneous Culture Video Still


Crush Fiction - Wicked Hag's second compilation album of #berlinmusicians launches on Friday 10th November 2017 and Ser Gina's song about a crushed crush crushed because of her lover’s stronger crush on her network - with music by Simon Clark - is on it. Digital download. Beautiful zine with song texts and additional pieces by all musicians plus invited writers that you can hold in your hand to boot - pre order HERE


Pre-order Crush Fiction now // released 10.11 #newrelease #crushfiction #lostlove #futuredisappointment #boybands #neverwas #mighthavebeen #synthpop #newpop #wickedhag

NEW ARTICLE ABOUT #SERGINA: You're Never Alone With A Mobile Phone: Essay by Magda Tyzlik Carver about #Sergina written following my Remote Intimacy residency & commission at Fabrica Gallery in association with Brighton Digital Festival last year: http://ellyclarke.com/index.php?/news/sergina-by-magda-tyzlik-carver/

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SUMMARY: I'm interested in the impact of the digital upon the physical - in terms of the body, objects, sense of self, sense of place, sense of past, present & future. I explore this through photography, music, curatorial, selling and participatory projects and performance - online and offline. Click HERE for a 10 minute video intro of my work by Oona Friedrichs and Julian Beyer.

#Sergina meets Katherine von Bora
In May my mother Anne Boileau and I met in our respective drags and tried to have a conversation about prayer, posing, horse shit and trans historical travel. Work in progress.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.20.46

<<<>>> For a month I am collecting people's queer stories/memories/imaginaries to add to an open source map of Camden. Click on the image or HERE for more info.

<<<>>> Culmination of 2 day #Sergina workshop at BOM in Birmingham with three members of Indonesia based Life Patch - 16th May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.57.18

<<<>>> Interview and portraits with Elly Clarke and #Sergina by Milica Kolari? at Club Drugstore. Click on the image to view the article in Serbian or HERE in English.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.59.16

<<<>>> Physical/Digital 'drawing' commission with interactive Google Map for Love Camden based on 2015 commission Camden Encounters.

William Kennedy with portrait of his great grandmother Cecilia Richmond, daughter of the artist.



Tracing portraits by my great great great grandfather George Richmond RA (1809-1896) to private homes - and to the same families that commissioned them - in order to photograph both the portraits and their current owners in situ. I am also conducting audio interviews with the people I am meeting, both about the portraits and the people in them. Themes: #Inheritance #Portraiture #VictorianEra #Family #BritishSociety

Instantaneous Culture by Oona Friedrichs and Julian Beyer from Sergina on Vimeo.

2. #SERGINA - online/offline musical drag performances about the negotiation between the physical & digital body, explored via music, video and live performances. #Sergina performs both alone and with other bodies, often simultaneously in different places, linked up over Google Hangout and live broadcast via YouTube - and also music videos. For most of what #Sergina does, collaboration is key. Themes: #Identity #Drag #Simultaneity #OnlineOffline #PhysicalDigital

Find #Sergina's music HERE.