I'm interested in the impact that networks, mobility and communication technology have upon our relationships with ourselves, other people and the environment as well as upon concept of history and the ways in which histories are learned and narrated. In short - the impact of the digital upon the physical: in terms of objects, bodies and the way in which we experience and live in our spacial and temporal environments.

Much of the work I do is either collaborative or participatory. Over the past 15 years I have produced projects that have demanded close interaction with very different groups of people: from my East London Council Estate neighbours (The Broadway House Photo Project) to passengers on the Trans Siberian Train (Moscow to Beijing); from small businesses and community centres in Birmingham (FRAME_) to owners of portraits by a Victorian portrait artist (The George Richmond Portrait Project). I work with photography (analogue & digital, mobile phones and screen-grabs), video, performance, drawing, slide shows, songs, text, participatory, web-based, selling and curatorial intervention - including some in the public domain.

More recently my work with #Sergina, which is a drag identity that is played (out) not only by me but also other bodies in different physical places, allows me to explore this further - through online/offline interaction, Instagram and songs I write about mobile phones, loneliness and the dichotomous draw/distraction of personal technologies. In #Sergina's Stimulatingly Sexy Simultaneous Simulation of Herself up to (so far!) five performers dressed the same, lipsyncing to the same songs at the same time, perform to live audiences but also those online, linked up by Google Hangout, and live broadcast via YouTube.

I can be found online in many places; offline usually in Berlin.
William Blake Richmond by his Father George in the house of their descendant Christopher in London - from The George Richmond Portrait Project